Anonymous said: Fishlegs and Snotlout arguing over Ruffnut!!!



Anonymous said: Astrid drunk sexting Hiccup! Please!




I dont want to forget how I felt the first time I saw the HTTYD2 Teaser and first full trailer.

And it was like seeing Hiccup and Toothless again after such a long time.

It seems like a silly thing to be so happy about but it was one of the happiest moments of my life.  It was that kind of happiness that makes a bubble inside you and you kind of want to run and jump and cheer but you just dont know what to do with it, youre just so happy.

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how to torture a httyd fan: tie them to a chair make them watch the 2nd half of httyd 2 on loop WITH NO TISSUES

how to train your dragon 2 (2014)

"every dragon has its    s e c r e t s.”

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Toothless cute + fierce

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Who knows, maybe we'll finally track down another night fury.
Wouldn't that be something.

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Valka walked in on Astrid and Hiccup doing the do 


Valka walked in on Astrid and Hiccup doing the do 

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I think at this point we’ll be surprised if no one dies in HTTYD3.

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"You know exactly who you are…"

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Oh, where are my manners? I’m Eret, son of Eret. Finest dragon trapper alive.

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Here are the pictures from our McDonald’s Happy Meal : How to Train Your Dragon 2 collection 2014

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